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The "Network Infrastructure & Telecom Projects" department focuses on providing turn-key Networks & telecom solutions. It has the vision of delivering complete communication platform on a single stop so that the clients face lesser hassle and gain cost advantages. Currently the Networking & Telecom Projects department provides solution starting from traditional PBX telephony to high end Unified communications, from LAN/WAN implementation to GSM infrastructure for large service providers.

In pursuit of providing advanced network & telecom solutions, we are tied up with some of the giants in the industry, like, AVAYA, MITEL, CORAL, AMP NETCONNECT, CISCO, 3COM, HP, SOLAR WIND & PROTIUS etc. We are dedicated to profitable and sustainable growth and this is achieved through operational excellence and innovative technology. Driven by customer satisfaction, we deliver highly reliable products on time, through a focus on continuous improvement and teamwork.

The Networking & Telecom Project team is dedicated to deliver on its promises, exceeding expectations, and building strong and lasting relationships with its customers.

We broadly divide our services into the following

1. LAN/WAN solutions
2. Traditional Telephone System
3. IP Telephony
4. Wireless Solutions


The simplest PBX functionality is made even simpler by the front runner Coral in this arena. MHD has plenty of successful installations of Coral series at various sites. The solution with its ACD and "auto attendant" functionality suffices the basic requirements of SME segment.


IRIS IVDX can handle data as freely as it would handle voice traffic.
It can be extended from 128 ports to 8000 ports. It meets last mile switching requirements for provisions of voice, data and video in large enterprises, campuses and even small townships.
Coral SBDX

SBDX is a digital ISDN designed for applications of small offices and residential customers.

Active! Suite

Coral Active!suite has host of solutions based on Computer Telephony Integration(CTI). The product range under this category includes Voice Loggers, Dialers, ACD and AMS solutions. Active! suite also has solutions for traffic monitoring

Products under this category are based on Computer Telephony Integration. Our, CTI solutions find enormous applications in Call centers both in-bound and out-bound as well as large corporate houses where automatic distribution of calls (ACD) become essential.

We also offer voice loggers, dialers and Interactive Voice response (IVR) software. Active! Suite products also have a host of software support products to monitor telephony traffic in any environment.

Coral Key Telephone

Coral Key Telephone Instrument is an intelligent and informative terminal on your desk. It is an handy device which gives you the status of your voice traffic. It allows you to re-define keys as per your needs thus enabling you not only to view the status of the lines concerning your department/company but also give one touch access to people and features that you wish to use

DX 2000

INTEGRATED VOICE AND DATA NETWORK DX 2000 is a highly versatile system that can be configured to suit varied communication requirements. It is a digital ISDN Switch capable of handling transmission of Voice, Text and Facsimile. 40 to 504 ports can be configured. They find application in mid size offices and hotels.